On behalf of myself and my company, I would like to thank you for your timely responses and execution of all my plan needs. It is a privilege to refer my customers to your solicitation, with the knowledge they will receive pricing and timely turn around, so that they may get moving on their projects. I appreciate your business, and look forward to many fulfilling years to come.
Gribbin Construction

I was referred to Powell and Associates by a mutual business associates who saw the difficulty I was encountering with the county, in which I reside. The county was so convoluted that even their own staff didn’t understand their own policies and procedures. Three prior architects walked away from my garage project within a short time of dealing with the county. Troy Powell was the only one that was willing to take on this project. He was there for me from the beginning, middle and end. He was instrumental in actually changing the way the county handled their permit process. His expertise, professionalism, and patience were a breath of fresh air. I now have a permit in hand and am anxious to begin the building process, none of which would have come to fruition had it not been for Powell and Associates. Thank you troy.

You and Your Staff thoughtfulness really put sunshine in our lives. Thank you for your hospitality staying late at your office to accommodate us, with our construction plans. We were unable to get away from our work at the hours of your office, Thank you for being so nice. Because of you and your staff everything is so much nicer. The windows were installed to go with the style of our home. When we looked at our home and seen all those beautiful WINDOWS we sit down and just looked at them and fell in love, with the view and the windows. Your thoughtfulness will long be remembered.

My family is so pleased with these plans. You did such a wonderful job.
Thank you for all that you have done.

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